Caring about the community | Moj Kiosk

Caring about the community

Organizational culture of our company is based on respecting the values such as devotion to work, respecting business partners and colleagues, but primarily, nourishing and underlining human values, among others: social responsibility. In our everyday operations, we tend to nurture business policy, which is based on respecting ethical codes, constantly contributing to creating better environment for our employees, but also for those that are most in need.

Memberhip in the Society for the Construction of the Temple of Saint Sava on Vracar

Our company had become member of the Society for the Construction of the Temple of Saint Sava on Vracar, in order to join this generous idea of building the temple that represents historical, cultural and national value of Serbia. The Society marked its 120th anniversary last year, and it has been devoted since to the idea of constructing this great Serbian sanctuary and Belgrade’s landmark. As its member, our company will take part in implementing annual Plan and Program of the Society, meaning donating funds in the course of this calender year amounting to RSD 2.000.000.

Supporting Foundation for assisting young talents of the city of Belgrade

Apart from taking care of their employees and the environment we operate in, company Moj kiosk endevors to take care of those in need in a highly socially responsible way.

Given that our company deeply cherishes human and professional values, education and efforts and work of individual, we also kindly assisted financialy the Foundation for young talents of the city of Belgrade. As we deem crucial to support knowledge and talent of the students and young people, which excell in scientific, artistic and creative work, and are of poor financial means, it is with greatest satisfaction that we had responded to the call to assist, so we tend to continue doing so in future, with offering financial means, but also through active participation in the advisory body of this organization.

Assisting children from Zvecanska

For the last two years, Company Moj kiosk has, in addition to already mentioned assistance, directed financial means on several occasions to those in need, and those are the youngest members of our society that are for numerous reasons unable to stay in their natural families – to the Center for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth – the children of Zvecanska.

Moj kiosk will keep up with assisting those in urgent need, in accordance with its ethical and moral principles and organizational culture that we want to keep on the highest possible level.

Assisting to Belgrade Children Shelter

Fashion agency Fabrika had for the last two years organized fashion shows, directing overall income from charity donations to the Children Shelter in Belgrade. We had supported three fashion shows, thus taking part in offering them assistance, hoping that we had solved at least a small part of their problems.

Offering aid to the flood stricken

Business system Moj kiosk Group within which Moj kiosk operates had taken an active role in helping the flood stricken population from the very beginning of this natural catastrophe, in May, 2014.

In those days at late May 2014, the company had set aside some three million RSD for the purpose of sending aid to the most endangered. As a company that cares about the employees, it was important to us that our staff members from the endangered areas are safe, so accordingly, we had directed help to them, thus facilitating at least partly the consequences of this tragic event.

Our employees took part in this humanitarian campaign that we had organized within the company with their personal assets, helping their colleagues in such a way, also reaching out to others that were endangered. The aid was composed of financial means, provision of elementary foodstuffs, toiletries and other assigned products.

In such a griveous situation, majority of our colleagues showed their humanity and generosity, offering help to those in need. Some of them took part in Red Cross campaigns, being available day and night, sometimes for twenty hours per day, while others worked extra time driving humanitarian aid and equipment with Centrosinergija vehicles, all over Serbia.

Apart from helping those in need as a company, there are lots of examples when our staff members had done that on their own initiative, so we plan to continue with implementing such business policy in future.