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Super Membership AMSS

Super Membership - The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS)

The risk of your car breaking down on the road is huge, while the cost of towing and repairing is even higher. Do not allow yourself to go on the road unprepared, make all necessary arrangements in a timely manner, and become member of the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS), which will allow you to realize numerous benefits and secure safe travel. This summer, AMSS had made possible to the citizens to become super members on My Kiosk news stands, that offers a series of benefits to the drivers in Serbia. Namely, under the price of only two thousand of dinars on annual level, by becoming Super AMSS member, you accomplish the possibility of free of charge car repair and towing, both in Serbia and in Europe. Super membership package consists of membership card, booklet and plastic holder.
Benefits of Super AMSS Membership include:

Benefits in Serbia

  • Towing of vehicles in case of breakdown (up to 140 km)
  • Towing of vehicles in case of car accident (unlimited mileage)
  • 4 repairs on the road (up to 40 km)
  • Assessment of vehicle’s value
  • Unlimited number of legal advice in the field of traffic
  • Preparation of travel agenda
  • Assistance in finding spare parts
  • 20% discount on towing after the expiry of mileage from the package
  • Hotel accommodation costs reimbursement up to 3 days in case of car accident
  • Bus/train transportation costs reimbursement in case of malfunction or car accident

Benefits in Europe

  • Towing of vehicles in case of car accident to the member’s place of residence
  • Vehicle repair on the road or transportation to the nearest car service
  • Hotel accommodation costs reimbursement (up to EUR 300) in case of car accident
  • Legal counselling services in a corresponding automobile club (up to EUR 50)
  • Loan for repair, towing of the vehicle or transportation of family members by a deposit guarantee (up to EUR 1000)
  • Discounts and benefits within the system “Show your card” are available at 28.000 selling places, 600 partners (hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car)