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From our offer


New at our shops, a collection that shouldn't be missed!

Fun Brawl Stars come to us in a collection of key rings. Famous characters from the popular video game can now be all the time with you. You can play with them and create amazing stories with your friends. There is one character in each bag. Find the rare ones. We'll let you in on a secret. There are 6 of them.

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Zaga and Filip - full of surprises!!

„Škrab škrab”, is the new release of this cheerful duo. The packages contain a combination of a booklet with attractive facts related to pencils or a coloring book + a ball full of surprises. Delight your little ones with these cheerful packages. Let them learn something new through play in a fun way.

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BDR MEDIA promotes new book sets

Dear readers, new packages of your favorite authors are arriving. We have something for everyone. This time, Julia Quinn and Suzanne Enoch editions are selected. Whether you're a fan of historical or contemporary romantic stories, we're sure you'll find your new favorite among them.

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We are introducing the latest Insect & Co collection!

"Moj kiosk" supports the imagination and curiosity of your little ones. Dive into the world of insects with your little explorers and collect all the insect figurines from the new collection!

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"Legendary cars" have arrived at My kiosk!

The collection comprises detailed models and picture-rich magazines that will inform readers about the history and evolution of the car. The collection consists of 80 editions that reproduce in cast form the most famous vehicles produced in the last 60 years!

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Fantastic sets from the BDR media publishing house at a special price.

For all lovers of the romantic atmosphere and excitement that only novels can provide. BDR Media presents you with a new offer. Take your favorite set and enjoy the adventures of the heroes of the selected books.

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New edition at Moj Kiosk shops! Vuk Drašković's book - "Monk Hokaj".

Dive into an intriguing journey through the pages of this book, where you will meet the unusual hero Monk Hokai. This book takes you on an exciting journey through his adventures, spiritual quest, and the challenges he faced along the way.

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Books at a great price!

We highlight fantastic books. They will help you build a stronger relationship with your teenager. Communication skills are essential, especially when dealing with teenagers. Read the books we've selected for you and take a peek into your teenager's world.

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Summer enjoyment is guaranteed with the new collection of Laguna books!

Take a look at the summer book collection and make your vacation fantastic. Relax while you enjoy the sun and read one of these beautiful books we've picked for you!

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Vesna Dedić's new novel is on sale.

Vesna Denić presents proof that love works miracles and changes us from the bottom in her novel "Only you were worth meeting". Love is a state of consciousness that fills us and makes us look into the depths of our own soul where we have never set foot and that makes us overcome all our limits...

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