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From our offer


Harry Potter figurines have arrived at Moj kiosk!

As of today, we are hosting a collection of as many as 15 different Harry Potter figurines. You can use them for play or as accessories for pens and decorate them with characters from one of the most popular franchises of the modern age!

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Farm animals - Play and learn!

It is a new collection of booklets, full of fun information, beautifully illustrated, with beautiful figurines inspired by drawings. Number by number, the farm will be filled with cows, chickens, a bull, a calf, rabbits, a donkey, and an extraordinary environment - a vegetable garden... for play and new adventures.

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Dragan Damjanovic's new book, "Anja sa Dedinja" is on sale!

"Anja from Dedinje is a story about intrigues, the destruction of families, and unfortunate fates." Although it does not send any messages, they impose themselves, so the novel's plot is timeless, and always current and instructive..." the author's words.

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Secure your album and "Premier League 2024" stickers.

The 96-page album is waiting to be filled with stories about the most exciting moments, the biggest football stars, and unforgettable goals! Now available at all our kiosks.

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Discover the magic with Magiki Fairies.

Peek into the world of imagination and expect miracles because Magiki Fairies are now available to us. The collection consists of 12 figurines of adorable fairies, each with unique magic.

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Surprises for comic book fans of all generations - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

In the mid-eighties of the 20th century, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird began work on the story of four turtles who, after contact with a mysterious mutagen, gain the powers of ancient Japanese warriors - ninjas. They had no idea their independent comic would become a global multimedia phenomenon in just a few years. One of the world's biggest pop culture brands.

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Great news for NBA fans. The album and stickers for the 2023/24 season.

New NBA 2023-24 Panini Sticker Collection.The album is a guide through the most popular basketball league. Find your favorite NBA clubs and stars and enjoy collecting.

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The most beautiful Vulkan holiday promotion that we have prepared just for you!

Welcome 2024 with incredible stories from some of the most popular modern writers from Vulkan's book collection!

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The ideal gift for your little ones.

You haven't finished your New Year's shopping and closed the holiday presents yet. This is an ideal chance to delight your children beside sweets with an interesting Holiday picture book from Dexyco.

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Zaga and Filip - new surprises!!

"Coloring Book - Zaga and Filip Baloniada" is the new edition of this cheerful duo. The packs contain a coloring book with the four themed units, tasks, and other amazing things, a DIY accessory with balloon decorations, and a double sheet with stickers. Make your little ones happy with these cheerful packages, and let them learn something new through fun play.

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