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Summer enjoyment is guaranteed with the new collection of Laguna books!

Take a look at the summer book collection and make your vacation fantastic. Relax while you enjoy the sun and read one of these beautiful books we've picked for you!

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Vesna Dedić's new novel is on sale.

Vesna Denić presents proof that love works miracles and changes us from the bottom in her novel "Only you were worth meeting". Love is a state of consciousness that fills us and makes us look into the depths of our own soul where we have never set foot and that makes us overcome all our limits...

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Set sail on an adventure full of imagination.

Love and family are the true sources of the magic of the Madrigal family. The comic book Encanto teaches you lessons about true values in life. Along with the comic, you also get a magical drawing book. Delight your little ones with this unique edition.

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"The Animal Kingdom" chocolate bar adorn the memories of every generation.

There are many things that associate us with one of the most beautiful periods of life - our childhood. Let your little ones remember their childhood with the same taste of the "Animal Kingdom" chocolate bar and the pictures that bring joy. At our kiosks, you can now buy an album where those thumbnails will be saved.

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With imagination, one can do anything

A new edition of the coloring book that will surely entertain your little ones with its super puzzles. Enjoy with your little ones in different brain teasers, labyrinths and hide and seek that simultaneously develop both brain and imagination.

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Santoro-scented modeling clay has arrived at our kiosks

The collection consists of 12 different, beautiful boxes with scented modeling clay. Delight your little ones with that innovative gift - each clay has a unique scent (caramel, vanilla, chocolate...). Please stop by one of our shops, and provide your children with unforgettable fun!

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Choose a set of books according to your taste, and enjoy.

Hit releases from well-known writers Lisa Kleypas, and Julie Garwood can now be found only at MyKiosk outlets, at a great price!

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Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović's new novel is on sale.

... This is a story about lost and found, about what is forever missed and what can still be reached, about ordinary little lives that sparkle like scrolls, only when the darkness is thick as grease...

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure with one of the most famous heroes in the world!

The Super Mario Thumbnail Album is now available at all our shops!

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A book that reveals secrets hidden for thousands of years! A new, long-awaited book is only available at MY KIOSK facilities by the famous author Dragan Damjanović. This unique book will guide reading lovers through the exciting story of the birth of Jesus Christ and his journey through Egypt with the Holy Family, which covers a trip of more than three thousand kilometers over four years. Jesus, the most beautiful boy who ever walked in Egypt, was accompanied by a series of supernatural miracles that aroused incredible interest in the people who met the Holy Family.

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