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LEGO® Explorer Magazine is here!

In the first issue, discover vehicles and other interesting things that are moving! Use your own LEGO® collection and explore with many ideas and tips. A LEGO® gift awaits you in each issue, and in this one, you get a LEGO® train!

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Premier League 2022 - official sticker album

For all fans of English football, this year we have prepared a fantastic guide through the English League. Favorite clubs, players, all in one place.

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Orke & Co Maxxi edition from now on at our stores.

Each package of the Orca & Co bag contains the magazine + a figurine of the "ORKA" surprise, some of the figurines have special effects, glow in the dark, or change color in water.

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Vesna Dedić's brand new book is in our shops.

In Vesna Dedić's fourteenth contemporary love novel, we read what is happening to all of us in 21st century Serbia, and not to some other people. "You are not like him" is a love novel with a happy ending, based on true confessions.

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The gift-giving season has arrived.

This year as well, at all My Kiosk stores, you can buy Stark New Year's packets with sweets for as little as 499 dinars. In addition to Stark's package, you can also find My Pops packages for girls and boys with the most popular little cute toys.

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Miraculous - a team of superheroes!

If you are a fan of the Miraculous cartoon, where during their missions, Marinette and Adrian turn into superheroes: Marinette becomes a Ladybug, and Adrian becomes a Black Noir, then we have a big surprise for you. From now on, you can find an album and stickers with the mentioned heroes in our stores.

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Monster Machines are saving the New Year.

When Karst loses all his presents, only Blaze and AJ can help Santa save the New Year! So, fasten your seat belts, start the machines and go on a crazy ride with Blaise!

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What is your choice?

You can find Laguna's hits at the Moj Kiosk stores.

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Only at "Moj Kiosk", a new novel about St. Anastasia, about her life at the court and the monastic temple.

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Vulcan Publishing. The Great Autumn action is underway.

Which of the titles did you choose?

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