Marketing | Moj Kiosk


Placed on the most frequent locations, in 137 municipalities in Serbia, kiosks Moj kiosk represent altogether new communication channel with the consumers and a kind of marketing medium.

Through a large number of marketing and sales activities, we allow you development and better placement of your brand in the direct contact with customers, through an upgraded aspect of advertising and an innovative sales channel.

Our kiosks are being visited by more than 350.000 customers, while bills are being issued on our sales chekpoints on a monthly basis, and if we add up to this that our kiosks are being located on the busiest places in the cities all over Serbia, on the main city squares, by the schools, business premises, faculties, hospitals and health centers, it is clear how many people will see your commercial messages from our newsstands.

Please take a look of our models of marketing activities, along with the potentials for improving sales of our products, along with making your brands more recognizable. If you want to include into your advertising campaign advertising aspect that surely reaches large number of people on the whole territory of Serbia, then give us a call to jointly create and design the best strategy for your brand.