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Convenience shops

Branding of shop windows

Advertising in shop windows represent entirely or partly branding of the window surfaces in our shops, retail stores of special design that offer to the customers a convenient space for shopping. With such advertising, outdoor visibility of your band is being secured on the most frequent places where our stores are located.

Wall panels and panels above gondolas

An excellent follow-up of advertising package in the shops are wall panels and panels above gondolas. Panels are within customers’ sight while buying or while waiting in a row within shops, meaning that your brand or well-designed campaign will remain in customer’s subconscious mind after leaving the shop, along with urging him to buy your product.

Floor graphics

Special advantage of advertising within shops represent advertising on floor graphics and inner advertising within shops, thus providing additional presence of your brand in the mind of consumer. This aspect of campaign is possible to include in the package, together with other advertising possibilities that we offer in our shops.


Advertising on wobblers represents an aspect of advertising and informing on an excellent position, within customers’ sight. This is the easiest way to direct attention of a customer to certain product, service or action, in the process of buying.


Posters represent one of the ways of renting advertising space, with the aim of addressing the end customer and potential user of your services via well created design and placing advertising message on a visible position on our kiosk.