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Active sale

Active sale is the model of improvement of the sale of our products. The advantages of active sale mean possibility to select target groups and regions in accordance with advertising campaign, with the aim of more efficient implementation of advertising campaign.

Distribution of leaflets or samples

If you want our vendors to give to every customer or to certain number of customers your leaflet or sample of the product you want to promote, than this aspect of advertising is ideal to become part of your campaign. In such a way, it will be possible to determine target group, when it comes to age, demographics, regions, so that your message reach exactly those that you want to become your customers.


Special form of our presence in retail stores represent our promotional activities, meaning maintaining promotional activities in front of our kiosks and shops.

Most interesting aspect of those activities is our flexibility – we can fit in any scenario of your promotions, such as, for example:

  • Promoters in front of stores with the aim of attracting attention of consumers
  • Distributing samples and gifts to the consumers
  • Joint promotions with suppliers that exhibit their products in our stores
  • Any promotional activity that does not call for major infrastructure is possible to achieve and implement.

Kiosks issue more than 350.000 fiscal bills on a daily basis. Therefore, promotion-wise, the kiosks represent the confluence on which the river of consumers and the river of your potentials meet.


Within promotional activities, we offer wide range of possibilities that can easily result in improving the sale of your products. Starting with mix and match packages, to buying two products under the price of one, or selling products with discount by buying some other product of the same brand, and many other possibilities that bring expected results in the shortest period possible.

Loyalty program

On our kiosks, with loyalty programs you are given opportunity to promote your brands and products on our newsstands. For the participants of our loyalty program we prepare special treatment of the products and services, along with an adequate marketing campaign, which surely contributes to increased sale of your products.


Making Wi-Fi network available to our buyers represent for you the possibility of analyzing buyers on the kiosks, starting with the number of people passing by the kiosks, to the fact how many times certain number of buyers approached the same newsstand, how much time he/she had spent on a single kiosk, and many other similar facts that will help you make an excellent foundation for your marketing campaign. Apart from this convenience, this service offers possibility that while logging as internet user from our kiosk, your company or commercial of your product or brand appears on customer’s mobile.

Digital screens

Digital screens offer the possibility of attracting more attention to outdoor advertising compared to the standard stationary displays – city lights. In this way, you can air your video messages, video spots or several diverse billboards or campaigns that you offer to the consumers. One of the advantages of such aspect of advertising is that you can determine timing in which your commercial will appear on the display, so there is possibility that your ad is aired without any limits, 24 hours per day, or only in determined and agreed time frame, depending on your target group. Motion picture is surely one of the most attractive ways to draw the attention of your target group.